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Why investors care about startups

29-06-2015 - 10:18

Growth is why investors even care about startups.

If you don't grow fast enough, you won't get investment and your startup will most likely fail. So, why not focus on what really matters? What's your number one metric? Is it users or revenue? How can you tell? And more importantly, how can you grow?

To help startups answer these questions and grow like never before, we have created our own accelerator, Lisbon Challenge. With top mentors from companies like Uber, Airbnb or Google, Lisbon Challenge was considered the 4th best accelerator in Europe by Fundacity.

If you have tech startup and if you're looking for growth and traction, apply to Lisbon Challenge Fall'15

( until Sunday. And here's a few reasons why:


* In 4 editions we've had: 3 alumni at YCombinator, 3 at Seedcamp, 40% of the startups invested, 1 acquisition and 80% active startups

* Access to our network of +200 top mentors and partners

* Get on an international Roadshow to London and San Francisco

* €150k in perks (Google, Amazon, Paypal, Twilio, SurveyMonkey, etc)

* No equity is taken

* And, of course, live in the sunniest capital of Europe and be part of the growing startup scene

This 3 month program starts on September 25th and ends on December 5th. Let us know if you're up for the challenge or if you know someone who is (we love referrals so, feel free to get in touch). And if Lisbon Challenge is not for you because you're just getting started as an entrepreneur, check out Beta-Start, our pre-accelerator...

First time entrepreneur? Learn all about it with Beta-Start!

Are you a first time entrepreneur and founder? Have an idea for a startup but you're not sure about the business model or even how to build a team? Apply to our pre-accelerator, Beta-Start

( , and learn all about it.


The program starts on October 22nd and in just 4 weeks you'll define a sustainable business model, develop a product, learn how to pitch and talk to investors and get your first users.

Apply here ( until June 28th to get the super early bird discount.


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